Hail Dent Repair Pricing and Quotation Procedures

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Hail Dent Repair Pricing and Quotation Procedures

When a hailstorm hits for the first time, the shock sets in and the urgency of getting the vehicle repaired is paramount. However, most do not know the procedures except to contact the insurance company. Well at least this step is correct.

The next step usually is to book and take the vehicle to a paintless dent repair facility for a quotation. In severe hailstorms however where hundreds or even thousands of vehicles have been damaged, the request from the insurance company may be to take the vehicle to a local mass assessment location. This is where insurance assessors together with partnered hail dent removal companies quickly assess and discuss the cost of repair, requirements of parts and so forth. In the case where the cost of repair exceeds the acceptable value of the vehicle (usually from a percentage perspective, availability of parts, etc), sometimes the vehicle is written off! This means the owner has to hand in the keys immediately. Occasionally, particularly for those not in the know, this is a very distressing and devastating blow. Unfortunately, not much can be done in these situations.

In most cases though, the vehicle is booked in for a repair and date provided. It is not uncommon for repair dates to be a year or more after the hailstorm! Are there any ways of having the repair done sooner? Not with those repairers who often have up to several thousand vehicles to be repaired. The owner of the vehicle has the right despite the pressure and threats from the insurance companies to repair the vehicle elsewhere of their own choice. This is met with threats of no warranty being provided and often they will pay out the owner of the vehicle with a sum of money less the excess. The excess as most will understand is the agreed value paid for each claim such as that of a hailstorm.

When the vehicle is repaired, it is important that the reputable company take you through the vehicle to ensure all repairs have been undertaken and to provide opportunities to check that the car is in good working order. Even after the event of having the vehicle returned, there occasionally may be the odd issue. There should be no hesitance to take the vehicle back and have these problems checked and rectified.

Vehicles repaired by reputable hail dent removal companies will be provided life time warranty for the vehicle whilst owned by the owner of the repaired the vehicle. The workmanship should be so thorough that the vehicle should not have any issues with the paint and inner lining and so forth.